Broadband Services

We are a leading provider of broadband access, specialising in deliver fast and reliable broadband where other services cannot. We work with consumers and commercial customers including both the public and private sectors covering businesses, local authorities and social housing clients.

Our new KaSat broadband service provides a cost effective 10Mbps broadband service anywhere in the UK. We are bringing broadband services to isolated rural communities, boosting the speeds of poorly serviced ADSL customers and bridging the digital divide in locations such as multi-occupancy premises (MDU’s).

We provide a complementary range of solutions from suppliers including Eutelsat, Skylogic, Avanti Communications, GESat, Satlynx and Teleste using KaSat and Hylas satellites and services such as Tooway and IRSnet.


Satellite Broadband

provides up to 10Mbps fast and reliable broadband anywhere in the UK using the latest Tooway and Hylas services from Skylogic and Avanti Communications respectively. Satellite Broadband delivers 100% coverage of high speed internet today where other networks can only talk about maybe getting to 90% in the years to come. Satellite Broadband is an ideal solution for rural communities and people suffering with over-promised ADSL connections. Find out more at

We are the only partner to three major satellite providers which gives us the ability to offer the right solution for any customer. We operate our own GVNO (guaranteed bandwidth) service through Avanti and specialise in Satellite Broadband solutions for business and professional users through Avanti, Tooway Professional or Satlynx services as required. We offer a wide range of professional services including corporate and VPN solutions, back-up and disaster recovery, event, mobile and temporary installations. For more information visit our Satellite Broadband site



delivers secure broadband access to individual properties within MDU’s, sheltered housing and other shared occupancy homes that already have a digital communal access system. Using any communal aerial or integrated reception system (IRS), our unique technology, IRSnet™, enables access to the internet via a quick and simple upgrade. With significant investment already made for the Digital Switchover, IRSnet™ is a smart way to maximise the existing investment and provide all of the modern benefits that a broadband service can bring to the community. For more information, see our Media and Access Distribution Services page or for full details, visit our dedicated site -

Avonline supports the Government’s Digital Inclusion philosophy as an active partner of the Race Online 2012 initiative

Business Broadband

is our personalised service for business users. We have solutions for a small office or home worker with only a few PCs to a large office with dozens of machines and servers. We only provide reliable Business grade DSL Broadband connections that support fast data transfer compared to ISDN or traditional dial-up connections.

We can also advise on business solutions which combine our broadband technologies to complement your existing networks, act as back-up systems, and provide home user and remote access capability.